The global weight management industry is worth over $500 billion, with more than 100 million people dieting each year in the US alone. There are more dieters than ever right now, and the industry is offering more dynamic products everyday.

The obesity rate in the country is unfathomable at a whopping 35 percent, causing people to diet so often that many are even trying 4-5 different diets a year in an effort to lose a few pounds. SOZO® Thermogenic Coffee utilizes CoffeeBerry® and other ingredients to help you in your journey to lose weight. Our weight management product contains Green Tea and WellTrim® iG, a certified and authentic extract of African Mango that has been clinically proven to enhance weight loss and increase fat burning.

sozo thermogenic coffee

WellTrim® iG induces fat loss through Leptin production, Adiponectin regulation, and the inhibition of Glycerol-3-phosphate dehydrogenase. Together, these 3 mechanisms work synergistically to regulate fat cell production. WellTrim® iG is a 100% natural extract that has been tested and proven to reduce body fat, support a feeling of fullness, and balance metabolic function.

In a 10 week study that was performed with participants with a BMI of 26 or higher, the average weight loss was 28 pounds! This included nearly a 7 inch loss from their waistline and a 6% decrease in body fat! The results truly are incredible, and by combining WellTrim® iG and CoffeeBerry in SOZO products, we offer you a unique product that you can’t find anywhere else.