It is estimated that nearly 80% of us do not get the recommended servings of fruits and vegetables daily. Luckily, SOZO® can fix this. In just 3 ounces of SOZO Nutritional Beverage, you will drink up the equivalent antioxidant value (ORAC) as 21 servings of fruits and vegetables. SOZO is a functional beverage made up of a proprietary blend of CoffeeBerry® and other powerful fruit and vegetable extracts. Together, they offer a full spectrum of antioxidant protection for the body and the mind.

Every single serving of SOZO Nutritional Beverage helps to neutralize free radicals responsible for aging, promotes healthy cardiovascular function, counteracts the negative effects of stress, and supports healthy glucose metabolism. And even more, SOZO is 100% natural, with no preservatives and no artificial flavoring, sweeteners, or colors. It is simply the most comprehensive, wide-ranging healthy beverage in the market today. And this market keeps growing!