With its increasing popularity and availability, energy products are growing faster than ever. The energy drinks industry has more than doubled in the last 5 years. Many energy drinks contain significant amounts of additives, many of which are not natural. What if you could get your hands on an energy beverage that was 100% natural and guaranteed to give you that boost?

Well, now you can. SOZO® Ignite Natural Energy Drink, is a healthy alternative to typical energy drinks and is 100% natural. Now you can drink a delicious energy beverage without worrying about the ingredients. SOZO Ignite contains an effective amount of caffeine, equivalent to 1 shot of espresso coffee. It will give you the quick boost you’re looking for! The energizing blend of CoffeeBerry® and other antioxidant rich fruits and vegetables provides incredible nutritional benefits to the body and mind. Not only is it healthy, but it also comes in a delicious fruity flavor. Ignite is available in both a powder drink mix and in a liquid ready-to-drink form.