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Coffee is known to have antioxidant properties. The antioxidant capacity will vary depending on the quality of the bean, the region from where it’s harvested, and the timing of the harvest. In the case of SOZO® Select, we have added an extract that comes from the coffee fruit itself, which no other coffee company offers. This coffee fruit extract is known as CoffeeBerry®, and it provides an abundance of polyphenols and phenolic acid that cannot be matched by any other plant.

SOZO Select is the world’s only coffee with the benefits of the CoffeeBerry whole coffee fruit. It has a bold, yet sweet taste and a full-bodied smoothness with lasting panache. Our blends are hand-selected from the finest Costa Rican and Colombian Arabica coffee beans in the world and then roasted to perfection. This has enabled us to create a rich, aromatic coffee that you’ll savor cup after cup.

SOZO brewed coffee is made from the highest quality Arabica beans and roasted to perfection. During the roasting process, the beans are mixed with our proprietary CoffeeBerry ingredient that provides the antioxidant equivalent of 1 cup of blueberries in each delicious 8 ounce serving. Our goal is to pass on to the consumer not only a tantalizing and bold cup of coffee, but a cup of coffee that has healthy benefits in every sip.

The Demand For Coffee

Out of a total U.S. adult population of 228.6 million, 108.3 million are coffee consumers. That is almost one out of every two. – The Hot Coffee Consumer

The premium and value gourmet segment has been gaining traction, making the shift towards healthier and more upscale beverages. – Beverage Marketing Corporation

Specialty coffee sales are increasing by 20% per year.- Coffee Statistics Report – 2011 Edition

U.S. annual coffee sales in 2011 were $53 billion. - Packaged Facts

U.S. annual growth is expected to rise 25% between 2009 and 2014, reaching $59.6 billion. – Packaged Facts

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